Went up to the Hill for a hamburger at the USO club in 1971. Remember having to relinquish my M-16 at the guard shack and looking in to see 3 or 4 Rem/Winchester sniper rifles sitting in the cage. While sitting at the USO, they had a sign on the wall for longest kill. Can't remember the exact distance,but it was over a mile away.

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Cool. Thanks for sharing. I could be wrong, but didn't a British sniper recently break the distance record for a confirmed kill?

If I remember correctly, it was a Canadian a year ago or so.

It was a Canadian until a Brit, Cpl Craig Harrison of the Household Cavalry dropped not one but two Taliban operating a machine gun from 2,707yds in Afganistan

Back  in 1967, I had to go to the 1st Marine Division Headquarters.

Coming out of the bush, we must have smell like a skunk.

Going to get something to eat, we saw all these Vietnamese running all over.

We were told we had to check in our weapons.

We gave them a few choice words and not with all these folks running around here.

I wonder if some would take action against us in Tet of 1968?

December of 1966, we took in the Bob Hope USO show.

We were so far back from the platform, we had to use binoculars.

I think Joey Heatherton was the featured star.

Yeah, quite a few of the Vietnamese who worked at American facilities were VC ... The barber at the little 5th Comm PX was exposed as a VC. The guy had cut my hair and even shaved my neck with a straight razor.


Ah, Joey Heatherton ... what sex pot!

Hard to believe she's 68 now ... sigh ...

Got a haircut  there ,too. Was a little antsy when the straight razor came out!!!

You talking about a straight razor shave reminds me of the scene in the movie Mississippi Burning where  Gene Hackman's character shaves the corrupt mayor a little too close, on purpose.  Makes me tense up thinking about it!

5th Comm had several microwave radios installed on Hill 244, overlooking 1st Mar Div HQ. Drove by Freedom Hill whenever I went up to work on a radio, or pull duty.  Never paid much attention to the walls (or at least not close enough to remember what was on them 40 years later). Although, I always thought Carlos Hathcock had the record for longest kill in Vietnam.

When running around Da Nang, I usually just had my sidearm, a .45 in holster hanging off a web belt. I think I do remember checking it in at the Freedom Hill snack bar. They made a mean cheeseburger. So, would swing in there for lunch whenever I was in the area.

Stopped in for lunch one day during the dry season (in July) there was a table of maybe six Marine Grunts, who were obviously just in from the bush, sitting close to a table with two ROK Soldiers. The Grunts decided they were going to give the Koreans some sh!t and started mouthing off about how they hated slope-heads, etc. Finally one of the Koreans had had enough, and commenced to kicking ass. Well, of course the whole place erupted. Chairs, and food, and glasses were flying through the air. It was quite a melee.

Man, that cheeseburger I was eating was so good. I didn't want to leave it. So, I just moved to a table in the far corner, and watched the show. The MP's showed up maybe twenty minutes later. By that time, I was out of there and driving away. I saw them heading in with billy clubs. I'm sure that many heads were cracked that day :o)

USO always had some good food. Had some  ROK Marines at the enlisted club one night inside the Navy Hospital at DaNang; the same thing happened. They were knocking Navy guys left & right. Boy, they loved us Marines,though.

Yeah, the Koreans were bad news ...They liked to frag American PX's and mess halls.  I pulled gate guard a few times on the 5th Comm gate. Any time a ROK Soldier, or Marine pulled up, they had to be detained until a staff NCO got there to escort them.

I hear the report on the news of the Afganis killing our troops, and it reminds me of the stinking Koreans in RVN. I think a lot of them were infiltrators from North Korea, but whatever, they killed a lot of Americans.

We had a Chu Hoi tell us the NVA and VC feared the Koreans most, of any of the forces they were up against. So, I guess they killed a lot of commies, too.

Richard-where did you ever hear of ROK's fragging? Never heard that; N.Korean's? I don't know, but I love my Hyuandai Sonata. Semper Fi.

ROK's did a lot of bad sh!t to friendly forces. It's why they were not allowed on base without an escort. They fragged the PX at Da Nang Air Base, and other places too..


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