Went up to the Hill for a hamburger at the USO club in 1971. Remember having to relinquish my M-16 at the guard shack and looking in to see 3 or 4 Rem/Winchester sniper rifles sitting in the cage. While sitting at the USO, they had a sign on the wall for longest kill. Can't remember the exact distance,but it was over a mile away.

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They must have mellowed out in the 70's(????)

That had to be one good cheeseburger.  Hey, at least you got a free show with you meal.

That day was kind of crazy, but I was hungry .. priorities. Whenever I think back on those cheese burgers, my mouth starts to water ... yep, they were good!

My year in country was basically spent on-and-off, a few weeks at relay sites in the bush eating c-rats, and a few weeks in the luxuries of Da Nang. When you had been away from real food for an extended period, even mess hall food was a feast .. ;o)

Usually one of the first things I'd do when I got back to Da Nang was make the rounds of the radio sites around the city to help with PM's and other maintenance. Nobody else really wanted to do it, but I'd volunteer, because it gave me an excuse to visit all the PX's and snack bars at the various units in Da Nang. China Beach also had a great cheese burger, and the very best chocolate malts ...

war was hell

AND, I remember my first day in DaNang--couldn't even chew on a piece of bread--no saliva.. Milk? wouldn't hardly even go down my throat.. Heat & humidity!! Where's some water???

Yeah, the first thing that hit me was the humidity and the stench. I'd been in Okinawa for about a month before I was sent to Vietnam. So, was sort of acclimated. However, Vietnam was different.The rain started almost immediately after deplaning. I was sent up to Phu Bai, and got my first ride in a Huey sitting on a bench facing the ocean, drench by rain drops stinging my face as it flew up the coast. I had not eaten since the plane, and was hungry, cold, and miserable..

As Jack Reacher says in the Lee Child books(need to read them all!!!) "Sleep and eat when can," you never know.


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