I was fortunate to be selected for the Honor Flight on June 7th.  I had put in application some time ago when I read where Korean Vets were being eligible.  It was much, much more than I ever imagined.  From the time of arrival at airport at 0530 I and all the others were gobbled up in love and thankfulness. The ground crew at Columbus took us and led us thru orientation before boarding for the Baltimore airport.  Some 70 to 80 vets plus guardians were on board Southwest charter.  The guardians are assinged to each vet or team of 2.  I was paired with another Bob who was an Air Florce vet.  He and many others were in wheel chairs which were loaded on board the plane.  I might add the guardians pay their own way as volunteers. They are more like angels during our time together.  When we arrived in Baltimore and entered the concourse I was blown away of the welcome.  Hundreds were lined up to welcome us.  As we walked thru the line and shook many hands who were thanking us for our service I could not hold back the tears! We were then joined by a Wave (Amber) who accompanied us thruout our trip.  We had 3 bus loads and a police escort all day every where we went.  We started at Arlington cemetery and visited all the service memorials for WW11, Korea, Vietnam, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Womens military, which was a full day and every place we stopped the tourists were all thanking us for our service.  We also witnessed the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  Awersome!!  A tired and happy crew flew back and arrived in Columbus around 2130 and were again showered with a blessing of many, many, friends and others at the airport which left me and many others very teary and blessed.  There is so much more I could say but this covers the highlights.  If any of you are eligible be sure to put in your application.  P.S. Claudia was along as a Guardian and we only met briefly and hope to get together soon for a visit.   Bob Peters YN2 U.S.S. Charles R. Ware DD865.

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HI Bob!

So happy you had a wonderful day on your Honor Flight.  It is definitely quote an experience.  I, too, wish we could have spent more time together.  What a small world for us both to be on that flight!!

I know you heard this a hundred times that day, but THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE, BOB!!

Claudia a fellow Navy vet who works with me part time in the funeral home is going to be a guardian for the Sept. honor flight. He is not eligible himself but a close friend of his who is 95 applied and asked him to be his guardian. His name is John Elles. You might run into him if you are going on the next one. Bob

Has to be a very memorable experience.. Claudia, you may be along on my flight in the years to come.LOL. Jeff(1949)


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