Ok, here goes.. While in Danang at ASP#1( ammunition supply point) in '71. We were moving artillery shells around to get the oldest out in front for first pickup. I was spotting for the forklift driver and he came roaring in(he had 8-9 months there) and knew what he was doing. His brakes gave out and he threw it reverse and I jumped out of the way. My rt. leg went up when I jumped and the blade of the forklift hit my shin and pined against a pallet of 155-mm shells. Needless to say, my shinbone(tibia) was fractured. I looked down threw my pants leg and all I saw was a lot of white.(no tan on your legs)When I got the Navy hospital about 5 miles away; I already had 3 different infections in my leg from the conditions around there.Numerous shots later; I was on a C-147 to Andrews AirBase. Wound up at Bethesesda Naval Hospital in Md. A Commander in the Navy said we can do a skin graft on your leg, but I'm going on leave. Next thing I know a Navy Capt. is coming in trying to push together a 2" wide gash and saying we can stitch this up. I said , no way I'm waiting for the Commander to come back..As an aside, my parents & my wife came down from Ohio to see me. My wife was raising eyebrows all over the place. Short skirt( 70's!!!) We also had to fight off the WWII,Korean vets in the hospital---we had a 2 beer ration everyday and they were dying for it. Also got to shake hands with Johnny Unitas and others when they came through on USO tours.

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