My oldest son(Marine) and I went to Arlington,Va. in Nov.2000 for the Marine Corps birthday. The event was called 'Arlington Ridge' at the Marine Corps Memorial in Va..We pulled in to the motel and saw on both levels, " not sober" Marines standing around,drinking and having a good time.We had, unknowingly, pulled into a company/battalion reunion at the same motel....Needless to say, a fun time was had by all.A year later we went back again and took my dad with us(Navy vet,WWII,Korea).We lost him for a couple hrs. at the same Marine Corps Memorial---he got sidetracked talking to a couple of "old" veterans down on the grounds somewhere....

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So Jeff, were your dad, you and your son all Marines?

That place is quite a site.  I have been there with 8th grade students and we witnessed a promotion ceremony for a young Marine (what an honor for him to have that there!) and also THE Marine Corps ceremonial band practicing.  I love all the names of battles along its sides.  It shows the tremendous service and sacrifice through the years.

I am sure you have read this story about the six flag raisers, but it chokes me up every time:

Thanks for sharing, Jeff!

Claudia--no, my dad was Navy(blimps in WWII and USS Essex aircraft carrier in Korean War). He just caught up in excitement.

Yes, the Marine Corps Memorial (aka the Iwo Jima Memorial) is pretty awesome. I've been there a few times for the ceremonies on November 10th. There is nothing that grabs your heart more than standing among Brother Marines of all eras and wars paying respect to the Marine Corps!

My last was in 2002. Got to see General Leonard F. Chapman, the Commandant when I was in, and shook his hand. He was very frail and dying of cancer, but still a noble figure. James Webb was guest speaker, and General Jim Jones was Commandant at the time. Shook their hands, too. Also, met Jim Nabors, and James Brady (author of Flags Of Our Fathers). It was inspiring, and fun.

I'm a real wet blanket. Don't drink, and am not much for partying. However Was at an Irish pub in Georgetown at midnight on the 10th. All us Marines stood and sang the Marines Hymn, while a Marine in a green kilt stood on the bar playing it on the bagpipes. All the clueless yuppies were standing around with bewildered faces wondering what was going on. It was awesome. Every Marine should go at least once.

Richard-- You need to stop by the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico,Va. Simply an awesome site. Semper Fi.


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