I met my wife in Honolulu over Valentine's Day 1971. I was on R&R from South Vietnam and we hadn't seen each other since I had left for the war in July of 1970. It was our first visit to Hawaii. We were celebrating big time and taking in all the sights including a visit to the Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor. Needless to say, one week was hardly enough and it flew by quickly.

As I was waiting in line at the Honolulu airport to catch my return flight back to South Vietnam, a young Army Spec 4, obviously very intoxicated, joined the line behind me. After a few minutes he spoke up " Sir, where is this flight going anyhow"? I replied, "It's going to Tan Son Nhut Airbase, Vietnam". He said, "Sir, hell I'm drunk...but I'm not that damn drunk"!! He quickly jumped out of the line and I pointed him to one headed for San Francisco. Good thing he asked. If he hadn't he would have had a rude awakening several hours later!

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