To all who read this,HEED MY WARNINGS. Especially if you are in the military and/or have USAA as an insurance carrier. Recently, my nephew Charles Huff​ had personal property stolen from a house he owns in Morgan County. USAA used a BS loop hole to avoid paying his claim. HE GOT NOTHING!!! Next, I discovered that USAA had nearly doubled my rates from 2012 ($1089/year) to present ($2127/year) and I have never filed a claim until now. I found out from my mortgage company. USAA didn't even have the decency to make me aware of this themselves. I found out when my mortgage payment went up over $100 per month! Their reason was that Ohio is a high loss state and they have to ensure their profits and losses. More toward their profits. And now, I have filed a claim for items stolen from my property and USAA has again found a BS loop hole to avoid paying out on a $6300 claim. Parts that I was preparing to put on my work truck were stolen and I'm sure scrapped by some low life, and for the lack of a few bolts, I'm out $6300. USAA claims that since the parts weren't bolted to the truck, they weren't covered by my auto policy. And since they are car parts, they aren't covered by my home owners insurance. What a load of crap! This is the kind of company USAA is and how they do business. If you have USAA, I would seriously consider shopping around for a different company for your insurance needs. I'm sure USAA can create a loop hole to avoid payment on just about any kind of loss you can experience. I would definitely ask for a copy of your policies and their laws and regulations to ensure you are adequately covered. This whole deal is wrong.

Please email me at with any horror stories of your experiences with USAA so that i can compile them for any future actions I may take against USAA. Thanks and God Bless America. 

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