Spent the afternoon with another Marine at the rifle range. He was a reservist,Portage county deputy, and retired(73-yrs. old)..Shooting his Springfield M1A for the first time. 43 yrs. since I had handled an M-14.The eyes are not what they used to be; for either one of us( I'm 63-but think I'm a lot younger).The high-point was meeting up with a couple chopper pilots in the National Guard that fly out of Akr-Canton .Truly a great time.

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Sounds like fun, Jeff. It was cold and snowy here in N.E. Colorado. It rained before the snow hit, so the roads were coated with ice. I just stayed home. Thankful that I still have a warm place to be out of the weather.

But at least, you remember how to drive in the snow if you have to.


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