Motts Military Museum

Motts Military Museum is located in Groveport, Ohio, near Columbus.  It is a must-visit place if you are in the area.  There are thousands upon thousands of military memoribilia items ranging from the Civil War to the Global War on Terrorism, and from NASA to Vietnam helicopters and planes.  Its success is largely due to its namesake, Warren Motts. If you are with him for ten seconds, you will see the passion and enthusiasm he has for all things military and the stories and people behind them.  Their website can tell you a lot more.

Your Military Story member Ron Albers is the treasurer and a huge supporter of the museum.  He has kindly given permission for numerous stories he has written on behalf of the museum to be part of our site.  There are many below you can click on and read, and I will be adding a few of these a week to the Forum.  Enjoy!



Stories You Should Read:

Daniel M. "Hutch" Hutchison- Combat Medic in Baghdad, Iraq

SGT Dante P. Toneguzzo- U.S. Army - 82nd and 17th Airborne Divisions, WWII      

John J. Mitchell, MSgt, USMC - retired, Korea, Vietnam and Beyond

PFC Edwin T. Leibbrand, U.S. Army - Battle of the Bulge, POW at Nazi Stalag 98, Bad Orb

Lt Col Charles D. Allen, USAF – Retired, Bomber Pilot – WW II, Korea, Vietnam & the Cold War

CW2 Matthew J McGregor, Blackhawk UH-60 Helicopter Pilot, A Co, 1-137 Helicopter BN

Bill Bell, Technical Sergeant, U.S. Army Air Corps, Flight Engineer, B-24 Liberator, WWII

Master Sergeant Crystal L. Cockerell, U.S. Army, Ohio National Guard, Iraq War Veteran

Lt Davis P. Newton, U.S. Army, Pacific Theatre, World War II, Japanese War Crimes Prosecutor

Ted Mosure, Navy SEAL, Vietnam

Private 1st Class Robert A. Kramer, U.S. Army 100th Infantry Division, WW II Veteran and POW

Eldon H. Erlenbach, U.S. Army – Vietnam, Battle for “Shakey’s Hill”

Alex Boudreaux – WW II, Tuskegee Airman

Joseph M. Sepesy- UH-1H Huey Helicopter Pilot, Vietnam

Lt. Bobbie Foote/Mershon, Army Nurse, Vietnam

Edwin C. Bearss- Combat Medic, Omaha Beach World War II

Marion C. Gray, Combat Medic, U.S. Army WW II, Omaha Beach – D Day

Corporal Zephanaih “Creed” Musser, United States Army, WW II, Prisoner of War

PFC Robert E. Lockard, U.S. Army Air Corps & U.S. Army, WWII European Theater

Jane Thurness, U.S. Army Nurse, World War II and Korea

BM/2c Milton Mapou, U.S. Navy, Pacific Theater, Pearl Harbor Survivor, World War II

Sgt George Peto, Jr., U.S. Marine Corps, 1st Marine Division, Four Campaigns, Pacific Theater, World War II

Master Sergeant Robert Carl Janton, Crew Chief, 8th Air Force, England, World War II

SP-5 Nathan D. Shaffer, U.S. Army,  OH-6A“Loach” Helicopter Door Gunner, Vietnam, The story of “his” chopper #15990 on display      

Ed Reeves-Vietnam Dog Handler   

Major John Alvin Bergmann, U.S. Army, WWII Code Breaker   

HM3 Glenn O. Thompson, United States Navy, Korean Conflict

Corporal John Kelly, United States Marine Corps, Battle of Chosin, Korean War


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