Served with Pride Book

Want a tool to help you or your veterans easily recapture their military experiences? I wrote Served with Pride to do just that.  I served in the military 10+ years, my family is full of veterans and I have met hundreds (thousands?) of veterans of all ages. This book is a great tool to help veterans and their families finally record their military memories- before it is too late. I give one to all of my Honor Flight veterans, and it is such a fitting gift on that special day.

Features include:

*113 pages with over 130 prompts and questions to help any veteran reminisce about their military experience- from enlistment to discharge and beyond.

*Lots of examples and how-to information to help you remember your service and how to share it.

*A place to write down these memories, as well as the veteran's basic military information.

*A giant resource section beneficial to any veteran.

*A great tool for Honor Flight Guardians, volunteers and any veteran!

*Printed in the USA!

Proceeds from the sale of this book help me run this website. Thanks for your support! :)

Order a single copy from Amazon here.

HONOR FLIGHTS- get a very special discounted rate just for you. Contact me with questions or to order. or call or text (937) 537-1227.


Here are what some Honor Flight hubs have to say about using Served with Pride:

"We are providing every veteran on each of our flights the Served with Pride book as a template for them to record their military history and  tell their stories. So often, we here from family members that dad or grandpa never talks about their time in the service. Many times I will ask them if they ever asked dad or grandpa any questions and invariably they haven't.  On our return to our airport in Wisconsin we thank all of the people involved with making their Honor Flight a trip of a lifetime and ask them one favor in return. 'Many of you are in the last chapter of your lives and when you leave, your military stories go with you unless you tell your stories. The book that you received in your tote bags is a perfect start for organizing your career history as a United States Serviceman or Servicewoman.' We have heard over and over from family members that dad is now sharing his stories and I'm sure that with the aid of Served with Pride those memories will be shared and captured for many generations."

-Mike Thompson, President, Never Forgotten Honor Flight

"One of the truly amazing benefits of Honor Flight is that our Veterans open up and tell their Family & Friends stories and recollections of their service - many of which have never been told before. At every Honor Flight events, we emphasize the importance of telling those stories so that succeeding generations can have a glimpse of history through the eyes of the Veterans. 


To facilitate the capture of these stories, we give each of our Veterans a copy of “Served with Pride” which provides them a memory jogger through the use of outlines, timelines, and questions to help record their service history.  In addition to being a record of their service, it also enhances the communications between Veterans and Guardians while preparing for and going on the trip.


At a discounted rate for Honor Flight Hubs, the booklet is an excellent value that is well worth your consideration for your Veterans!   It is so important for each of them to tell their stories since they are the ones that made possible the freedoms we all enjoy today. Telling and recording these stories helps to reinforce with future generations that freedom is not free!"

- Bill Welser, President, Space Coast Honor Flight

"I love your book and give it to our Veterans in their Welcome Home bag.  Thank you for putting it together."

-Deb Wickerham, Flag City Honor Flight

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