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You Can Leave the Military, but It Never Really Leaves You

Ah, the title is so true.  I have written my concurrence with this idea in several past blog posts:  How serving in the military leaves an indelible mark, many times for the rest of one's life. 

One blog discussed my memories of the smells of the military.  Another was about the nuances of…


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Could a modern-day Marine unit beat the Roman Empire?

I came across a story today on the internet.  A 37 year old writer and historian named James Erwin posed a question on the popular question and answer website called  He casually asked:

"Could I destroy the entire Roman Empire during the reign of Augustus if I traveled back in time with a modern U.S. Marine infantry battalion or…


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Last time for troops to come through Dallas Airport- a moving video!

This past Wednesday, March 14th, cheering volunteers at Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport went crazy for a group of military members coming off planes.  Since the Iraqi War is "over", and Afghanistan is a new ball game, the airport will no longer be the welcome wagon anymore.

This place has been legendary for its hero welcomes since the first troops started coming home on R&R in 2003.  The volunteers- numbering over 10,000 individuals plus many groups- line the route as military men and…


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More awesome pictures-WWII in color AND Civil War pictures you should see

When I blogged about the awesome World War II pictures the other night, it encouraged two members to send me more unbelievable sets of pictures. (Thank you Ron Albers and Esther Carmany).  If you ever see anything of interest to others visitors, please send me a message.

The first set is from World War II and ALL are in color. These are so crisp, clear and perfect that at first glance they look like a Hollywood movie is trying to recreate the 1940s.   Some of the pictures are of the…


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45 World War II Pictures You Must See

Your Military Story member Donald Degood sent me this great link of 45 pictures taken immediately after WWII ended.  Many are never seen before (at least by me!) and are unbelievable.  I particularly like the ones in color.  Having not lived during that time, I think of WWII as having happened in black and white :).  It really brings it to life for me- and I am sure others- when in color.


Make sure to read the…


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I'll bet he's allowed to fly his flag in Heaven

Colonel Van Barfoot just wanted to fly an American flag outside of his modest home. However, the Medal of Honor receipient's homeowner's association said his flagpole was not "asthetically pleasing". You may remember he took them to court, and won. The 92 year old passed away March 2nd.

Barfoot received the Medal of Honor in 1944 in Italy during World War II. He was…


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Check out Great Americans website

Member Ron Albers sent me this resource the other day.  It is one of many I am collecting to add to the site soon in the Great Resources section.

The website is called Great Americans.  It contains many videos of not just those in the military, but also border patrol agents, policemen, NASA astronauts and more.  It's tagline is "Ordinary People. Extraordinary Deeds".  So very true. (Note: I am trying to add some of these to…


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He met the Queen and didn't know it. What famous people did you see while serving?

Today member John Derek Rigby added a story he calls Crowning Under Achievement that is worth your time. You'll have to read how it happened, but suffice to say he had a nice conversation with Queen Elizabeth II  !!

As for my 15 minutes of celebrity time, I met Danny DeVito at Ft. Jackson…


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