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Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!! And other quotes I like

I am working on my e-book actually an e-guide- called Served with Pride- How to record your military service, share your stories and leave a legacy.

Tonight I was adding a couple of quotes, and as I was looking for some, came across some really powerful ones.  I must tell you that I am a big Ronald Reagan fan.  I remember being 8 years old sitting in front of the big console TV with the wooden box (yes, I am old…


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Why is it always the good guys?

Last week three Ohio National Guardsmen were killed in Afghanistan. Captain Nicholas Rozanski,Master Sergeant Shawn Hannon, and Master Sergeant Jeffrey Rieck were part of the 37th Combat Brigade. Funerals for were held yesterday. Captain Rozanski's funeral took place today in Dublin, Ohio, twenty minutes from my home.

Sadness permeates central Ohio because three men in the prime of theirs were brutally taken from us by a cruel enemy half a world away. Sad because they were husbands… Continue

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What do you remember about your physical training?

I was just reading in the Army Times about the Army's new physical training test being implemented soon. Seems the old Army P.T. test of sit-ups, push-ups and a two-mile run aren't good enough anymore. The new one will consist of time on a rower, a run, and even a long jump, among other things, and will better prepare soldiers for combat and whatever 2012 can dish out at them.


I have written on least one time on this…


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A short History of 5th and 6th Marine Regiments during World War I in France

A short History of 5th and 6th Marine Regiments during World War in France.

The Marine Regiments were part of the 4th Brigade.

Of the 2nd Infantry Divison US Army in France.

Marine companies, unlike those of the U.S Army, were numeric.

Shortly after it being amalgamated with the 3rd Brigade in France,

Strenuous efforts were made by many to have the 4th Brigade conform, to

the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) alpha pattern.

My Note;

Besides the regular…


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First Time viewing the 'Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall'

It took place in Lansing, Illinois; a friend Steve a fellow veteran of Vietnam.

His service was with the U.S Army 25th Division.

Steve could have avoid Vietnam as he was the son of the manager of the steel-mill that we both worked for as weldors.

Weldors  are the humans doing the welding, welders are the machine used for welding.

Back to the day, I first saw all those names; in Vietnam we would lose a man here and few there.

But seeing all those names on…


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Can you spot a veteran from across the room?

Yesterday, I sat in a Bob Evans in Dublin, Ohio with my three year old.  About halfway through our meal an older gentleman sat down across from us.  He had no military hat on or any other obvious sign that he was a veteran.  However, every ounce of me knows he was.  My guess is that he was a World War II veteran.  I stole glances at him in between stopping apple juice from spilling, coloring on a kid's menu and bribing my daughter that if she ate two more bites of pancakes she could have a…


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Another reason to visit Motts Museum

I have blogged before about the fantastic military museum in Groveport, Ohio.  Motts Military Museum has thousands of personal relics of veterans, astronauts and more.  The museum's current Treasurer is Your Military Story member Colonel Ron Albers, USAF, retired.  Ron is an active supporter of this site and…


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