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Honored to be part of Honor Flight

This is an overdue overview of my experience as a Guardian on the June 9th Honor Flight out of Columbus, Ohio.


Honor Flight flies Wolrd War II and now Korean War veterans to Washington, D.C. free of charge.  It is a one day amazing trip, both long and emotional.  After being told in May that I was "accepted" as a Guardian for the June 9th flight, I was ecstatic.  It is something I have wanted to do for several…


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Were you ever sick while in the military?

No, I didn't say sick of the military. That's a whole other topic :)

The last two days I have taken care of my three year old who has had the stomach flu. Let's just say I have earned my Good Mommy Medal for my heroic and unspeakably gross actions on clean-up duty. But I digress.

This situation gave me a good idea for a question to you. I believe I touched on it long ago in a blog post, but let's try it again.

Were you ever sick or ill while serving in the… Continue

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Happy Father's Day!

Thank you to all of you who are fathers, grandfathers, and father-figures.  Your impact on our lives is tremendous!

A Happy Father's Day to my dad, Stan Robinson.  He was never in the military, but is always very supportive.  However, his father was a World War I veteran.  That is not a typo- World War I.  My dad's dad had my dad later in life, and my father was 42 when I was born.…


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In Honor of Flag Day

Not only is the United States Army's 237th birthday today, it is also Flag Day.  To get your blood going,  here is a link to our National Anthem, A.K.A. The Star Spangled Banner. 


Listen to The Star Spangled Banner (MP3)…


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I want to wish all former, current and future soldiers of the United States Army a Happy Birthday!  AND thnak you for your service.  For 237 years now, beginning with the Continental Army through our technologically elite modern-day soldiers, the Army has answered the call to fight, protect, and win.

In honor of this birthday, here is some great information about the Army song- "The Army Goes Rolling Along", as well as links…


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Awesome D-Day Resources!

A Your Military Story partner, Fold 3, has done it again with superb and interesting information about a historical topic.  Their current Feature is a collection of audio, video and speeches from D-Day- all in one place. In case they pull it off soon, I thought I would put it in the blog so it can be accessed.

 Check it out.


Some other D-Day Plus 1 Stories:…


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FDRs Powerful Prayer on D-Day

On the morning of June 6, 1944, AKA D-Day, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt spoke a powerful prayer to the nation.  His moving words are below, and you can actually listen to him say this prayer by clicking here.  The National D-Day Memorial in Virginia has a website with a lot of great D-Day info.  God bless all those service members who…


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D-Day -1

Since today is the day before the famous anniversary of the D-Day invasion in 1944, I thought I would look to see what was going on "D-Day -1".  Surely, there had to preparations, final arrangements and unfathomable logistics to work out.

As a history teacher, I knew the gist of what happened on June 5, 1944.  History Channel's This…


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Honor Flight coming up!

I think I have mentioned before that on June 9th I will get to go as a Guardian on an Honor Flight.

If you do not know what Honor flight is, I will explain.  Honor Flight Chapters across the country solicit the names of World War II veterans (and now in most cases, Korean War veterans) to give them a one day…


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