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Who else loves the Commissary?

Going to the Commissary is somewhat of a religious experience for me.  I love it.  For those of you who don't know what  I mean by Commissary, it is basically a grocery store on a military base.  Because my husband is retired Army, we get the privilege to shop there.


Yesterday, after some other plans didn't work out, I was able to go to the Commissary at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, free of my two year old who was at the babysitter's house.  My Commissary…


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WCOL radio reviews Your Military Story

This past Wednesday, the big country music station in Columbus, Ohio,  92.3 WCOL, reviewed Your Military Story.  It was part of popular DJ Dan E. Zuko's weekly program called Cyber Scoop which you can check it out here.  I am working on importing the mp3 audio from the show.

He gave the site all positive reviews :)  This is a public thank you to him for featuring Your Military Story on the radio show.  

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Smells=Memories: Four smells I'll never forget

I have a very sensitive sense of smell. Not only that, but smell jogs my memory more than any other of the senses.

I walk in somewhere with a certain smell, close my eyes and almost feel the emotions associated with it.  Your sense of smell may not work that way, but I'll bet you remember some smells from your military service.


Here are four odors I shall never forget:

1.  Pine Sol.  That cheap, piney scent that every military base seemed to have gallons of to…


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Why I joined the military

In 1992 I was a senior in high school.  All through school I had good grades and knew I wanted to go to college.  The thought of using the military to help pay for college was at first a distant idea. I always had respect for the military and thought people in it were "cool".  The first Gulf War was going on when I was in high school, and I specifically remember the principal playing Lee Greenwood's "Proud to be an American" over the P.A. system each morning.  That certainly stirred my…


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Even Gene Simmons chokes up

Last night I was flipping through the channels and saw a rerun of a Gene Simmons Family Jewels episode.  All due respect to Gene Simmons, but I don't listen to his kind of music.  In this episode, Gene and his family were visiting an Army Calvary unit leaving for deployment.  They showed the troops hugging their families, and a little boy saying to his Lieutenant Colonel father, "Daddy don't go."  There was a young woman holding a new baby with tears running down her face.  Gene gave a very…


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What you see at the county fair

Yesterday I helped my husband set up for a veterans lunch at our county fair.  He is the director for county's veterans services, so this is one of his big outreach events.  I worked the registration table and got to see every single person (all 230+ of them) who came to the luncheon.

The event was to begin at noon, but true to form veterans started arriving a little after 1000 hours (10:00am for you civilians).  Veterans are taught in basic training that it is a big fat NO NO to be…


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Military friends are hard to beat

Tonight, my husband and I are attending a military ball for the Air Defense unit where he was a First Sergeant for many years. And it's also the battalion I was in.  It is always a fun occasion, but most importantly we get to visit with our good friends we see only once or twice a year.

They are just like any great friends, you see them, you hug, and you pick right back up from the last time you saw them.  Military friends are a bit different though, it goes even deeper.  You have…


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Wanted: Your Stories and Memories

It is Day Two for Your Military Story, and I am excited.  I have sent my first tweet, have a Facebook page, and am writing my third blog.

With just nine members, I can see the potential for this site.  It can be a  place where all who served can connect and share their memories.  This in turn will make others who read them think about their experiences and share them.  I love the fact that anyone who has any military connection can enjoy stories of their friends and loved…


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Welcome to this site!

The idea for this website started long ago.  As you will read, my military service began in 1993.  Ever since then I have been fascinated by the all the little stories out there of military experience. 

When I started teaching, I was immediately drawn to things like setting up the Veterans Day program at school and inviting veterans in to speak. I…


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I was almost finished with this website last month, but then my mother passed away during surgery, and the world stopped.  Mom was a Navy veteran, awesome parent, wonderful wife and doting grandma.  Although she didn't understand quite how it would work, she was excited about this website.  It is only…


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