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How many current military are in the Olympics?

Patriots unite- the Summer Olympics is now in full swing.  It does make you happy when an athlete with "USA" on their jacket stands on the medal platform.  It feels even better when the National Anthem is played.

I knew there were a few Olympians who are currently in the military.  I did not know there…


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"They Have Names" Website Honors Those Who Have Fallen

Today I discovered a website I was not familiar with while browsing on Twitter.  Then I realilzed that it was founded and run by Your Military Story member and mega-popular military blogger CJ Grisham.

CJ's blog "A Soldier's Perspective" has been the #1 military blog for years.  He does not sugar-coat things, and is a…


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What You See at the County Fair- Part II

It is the last full week of July, so that means that my county's fair is here.  How can you beat the smell of animals, fried food and fresh lemonade?  As a teacher, I get my first post- 'last day of school' glimpse of many of my former and current students.  Walking around the fair, no more than a few minutes go by without a, "Hi, Mrs.…


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Doughboy's Dog Tags Finally Returned to Next of Kin

More than a few months ago, Your Military Story member Robert Barclay of Chillicothe, Ohio, contacted me with an amazing story. You see, Robert is an avid auction attendee and has been for years.  About twenty years ago (as best he can remember) he purchased a "box of stuff" at an auction in Lancaster, Ohio.



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Famous Generals continue to Command small towns

Today I had the pleasure of returning a set of World War I dog tags to the next of kin in New Lexington, Ohio. It is a bit of an involved story, but one which I am excited to tell later this weekend....stay tuned.

As I turned off interstate 70 east, I started on state route 13, which winds through southeastern Ohio. On my way to my destination in "New Lex", I passed through the little town of Somerset. It is a quaint place, and known to have the oldest Catholic church in the country… Continue

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Check out my new Pinterest posts

If you have not been on Pinterest or heard of it, you likely will soon. It is an online scrapbook that allows you to "pin" or keep a copy of any image you find on the web or your own pictures. Many people say it will one day be more popular than Facebook, and I tend to agree.

I never liked Facebook much, but I do love Pinterest! It is fun and actually useful, giving me ideas for recipes, decorating and much more.

I just created two new "boards".... These are places on… Continue

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Happy Birthday, America!

"Yesterday the greatest question was decided which ever was debated in America; and a greater perhaps never was, nor will be, decided among men. A resolution was passed without one dissenting colony, that these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States.". -John Adams, in a letter to his wife, Abigail.

As an eighth grade Social Studies teacher in Ohio, I get the honor of teaching 13 and 14 year olds about how America came to be. This of course includes… Continue

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What does America mean to you?

This July 4th, our country will celebrate its 236th birthday. Still a relatively young country historically speaking, America has arguably had the most profound effect on human existence.

Independence Day brings out the picnics, fireworks and red,white and blue, but just like any holiday where such symbolism rules, there is much more to it.

So, what America mean to YOU??

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