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Political Season

The GOP is finished with their convention, and the Democrats will showcase their beliefs this next week.

Politicians like these love to visit military personnel. I stood right behind former U.S. Senator (then Governor of Ohio) George Voinovich as he spoke to President Bush about disaster relief while I was on flood duty in the National Guard. Voinovich came up to those in uniform before anyone else.

Governor Bob Taft came to visit when I was in an Air Guard unit. The dog… Continue

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173 Reasons To Go Back To Work

Well, the yellow buses are back out picking up the youngsters, so for me, that means it is time to go back to work.  I teach seventh and eighth grade Social Studies to a record (for our little school) 173 kiddos this year.  

Having the summer off is nothing I ever take for granted.  I know some like to make fun of teachers for this nice benefit, and say it must be nice to work nine months out of the year.  Truth be told, it is more like 2 months off.  During that time we recuperate…


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Dreamsville, USA....American Soldiers Homecoming Festival

Dreamsville.  The name of this town sounds like it might be located near an ocean, on the beach, a big city or in the mountains, where "Dreams" seemingly happen.  It actually is in the small town of Dennison,Ohio, in the northeastern part of the state.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of visiting…


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Dreamsville, USA

Dreamsville, USA....does anyone know where I am talking about? It is a real place, and I visited there today. Stay tuned and I will tell you all about it!

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What was your favorite piece of military equipment?

It is said that the United States military is the best equipped in the world. This is not a 21st century thought, but one that goes back into the early 20th century as far as I know.

That being said, what is your favorite piece of military equipment? Think weapons, vehicles, tools, etc. Be sure to explain a little for readers who may not be familiar. And be sure to tell WHY you loved it so much, or found it so useful.

Happy Reminiscing!

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