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Andersonville Prison

This place fascinates me....the horrible Andersonville Civil War Union Prisoner of War camp.
Read all about what it was like from Fold 3, one of this site's trusted partners.

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Happy Birthday, Air Force!!

Today marks the 65th birthday of the United States Air Force. A BIG THANK YOU to all Air Force veterans! You keep/kept our skies and country safe.

I had the pleasure of spending the last year and a half of my military time as a member of the 179th Airlift Wing, Mansfield, Ohio. Keesler AF Base in Biloxi was my home for a couple of months for Personnel school. When I came home, I was days away from going to Turkey on a deployment, but that fizzled out.

While I had to get… Continue

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What is the Lucky Bastards Club?

If you haven't heard of this, don't feel bad.  I hadn't either, until member Richard Bergandine sent me a bunch of cool photos that is.  I had to look it up- what in the world is a Lucky Bastard Club, and why does someone get a…


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9/11 Remembered- How boats rescued a half million people

Yesterday, I spoke to my six classes of seventh and eighth graders about September 11th. When the sad day occurred, these kids were between one and three years of age. Therefore, many do not know much about it. While it was emotionally draining to talk about 9/11 that much in one day, I know how important it is that the young people understand what happened, and how it affected our country then and now.

Here is a great video I showed my kids yesterday. I bet you have never heard of… Continue

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What was your nickname in the military? Or what are some of those you served with?

Top.  Private Screw-Up.  Bird.  Doc.  Long-legs. Lopey.  Robbie.   These are all nicknames that come to my mind of a few people I knew while in the military.

Sometimes the nicknames were given by drill sergeants or instructors during initial training.  Other times the comrades of the guy or gal imprinted the poor soul with a name that stuck.  Always the nickname fit the person- either by the task they did, like "Doc", or by…


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