October 2013 Blog Posts (2)

Incident I'll Never Forget.

 The 1st Cav and other units had been ordered into the Parrot's Beak region of Cambodia in April/May 1970 to search for NVA arms caches and COSVN, the central office for South Vietnam. The units met heavy resistance as the NVA tried to protect the huge arms caches from capture. The incursion into Cambodia caused an uproar at home and American ground units were pulled out before the job was done. ARVN units remained in Cambodia and American aircrews provided support for several months. I flew…


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Barriades or not, we are seeing the Memorials

I love the news stories about veterans breaking down the barricades at the memorials in Washington, D.C.. Two days before the barricades went up, I was in DC on an Honor Flight.  That was a Saturday and there was no sign of the trouble that would come that Monday.  

This is not a political website or blog, BUT THE POLITICS IN WASHINGTON D.C. RIGHT NOW ARE A DISGRACE.  It infuriates me, as I know it does you.  We have…


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