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Baby, It's Cold Outside! Military Stories about Weather?

Here in Ohio the weather has been much less than desirable.  It has rained or drizzled for pretty much three days and nights straight.  Tonight we had our first snow, and while there is no accumulation yet, there is supposed to be an inch by morning.  Selfishly, I don't mind the snow because I am a teacher, and now and then we get a glorious reprieve from coaching the young ones.  But this cold wind and rain downright…


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Tomorrow evening I will showcase military related gifts in honor of Cyber Tuesday.  Not sure what that means?  Cyber Tuesday is the day that is supposedly the #1 online sales day all year long.  You will see great stuff from our partners at Medals of AmericaAmazon, and more.



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Is This a Job or An Adventure? You decide.

Today I read an interesting help wanted ad in the local newspaper.  This was listed as a normal ad:

"FULL TIME OPPORTUNITY:  High School Graduate. ages 17-34.  Full pay, benefits, training, 30 days vacation/year. $ for school. No experience needed.  Call Mon-Fri 1-800-***…


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Happy Thanksgiving!

May you and your loved ones have a fabulous day.

I am very thankful to all the visitors to this website.  Please spread the word about it as you are visiting this holiday season.  There are many wonderful memories and stories out there, and this can be a place to honor them.

Remember, you can now post Holiday and Celebrations memories and stories in a…


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Sergeant Reckless- The Inspiring Story of a Horse in the Marines

Member Bill McKinnon alerted me to this interesting story about an amazing horse.

I had never heard of the Korean War Marine Corps horse named "Sergeant Reckless". If you have I'd love to know. Here is a short background on this battle-hardened animal.

This horse was used by Marines during the Korean War for numerous tasks.  They trained her not to be scared of battle noises, and even to "duck" when there was incoming.  She carried ammo, supplies and even lifeless bodies, and…


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Share Your Holiday Memories

It's hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week.  The holiday season is upon us.  While I know you will be busy with all the holiday activity, I hope you will sit down and share a holiday memory or two on the website.  I just created a new category in the forum where the stories are located.  It is called "Holidays and…


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Military Medals - The Early United States Awards

This post was originally shared on our DD-214 Military Blog under the name "Military Medals - The Early United States Awards" and we thought the readers here might find it interesting.



The first US…


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Wanted: Your Military Pictures

YOU ought to be in pictures!  Help build the inventory of military pictures on this website.  If you have pictures of you in uniform, whether in training, deployment, stateside, or whatever, please add them. Just click on "Upload" and choose where on your computer the picture is located (I like to save them to my…


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Member and WWII Veteran George Peto's Interview

My friend in Texas, Joel Boggess, has a popular podcast called Finding Your Voice.

He recently interviewed Your Military Story member and World War II combat Marine, George Peto. …


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Military Grooming- What's your story?

I was just looking at an article in the Army Times where Sergeant Major of the Army Raymond Chandler and other leaders are looking at new grooming standards for soldiers.


Some of the big issues include tightening the restrictions on visible tatoos, possibly not allowing females to wear earrings with the ACUs (camouflage uniforms) and even whether soldiers should be allowed to walk around talking on cell…


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How did your Veterans Day go? Here's mine...........

So, November 11th has come and gone.  Did you get a free meal?  Attend a school assembly or community program?  Watch a military film on TV?  Maybe do nothing out of the normal?


My program at school Thursday went very well.  We had 39 veterans in attendance, a lot for our little school.  There was a great variety, too, from World War II P.O.W. Herman Blumenschein (story coming soon!) who led our Pledge of Allegiance, to two of my former students who have both been to Iraq. …


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We Honor Your Service


I wanted to take a brief moment to thank all military personnel, past and present, for their unwavering service and duty to country.  We are blessed as a nation to have such freedoms.  As we reflect on Veterans' Day, may we all remember our founding principles and say, "Thank You" to those that have helped preserve these our freedoms. 


God Bless,


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November 10th marks the 236th birthday of the United States Marine Corps.  As the website states about this…


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Radio Interview Today

This morning I had the pleasure of being interviewed by a real pro.  His name is "JT" (short for Jon Thomas).  His show is called JT in the Morning.  JT has been the host of 960am in South Bend, Indiana, since 1975!  He did a great job in our short interview, and I really appreciate him plugging the website.  I am having some technical…


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Kudos to Robin Meade for Supporting the Military

If you have never watched "Morning Express with Robin Meade",give it a try soon.  Robin Meade is the most energetic, friendly and practical reporter I have seen.  She is real the deal and not phony.  Robin has a book, an album (she is a great singer) and many other projects going on in her life.


The one that is most admirable to me of…


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The Last Original Code Talker

In 2002 World War II Navajo "Code Talkers" became famous.  A Hollywoord movie called Windtalkers made these unsung heroes, well, Heroes.  Of the original platoon of 29 Navajo boys taken from their reservations by the Marine Corps,…


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Don't Tick Off the Tomb Guard!

I had to share this short video of footage of an Arlington National Cemetery Tomb Guard. I'll also post it in the new video section here on the website.

Having been to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier many times, it is no joke these guys…


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How do you spend Veterans Day?

Veterans Day is just 9 days away as of the time of this writingI am busy preparing for my school's program to be held the day before on November 10th.


Here is a question for you:  How do you spend Veterans Day? 



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New Video Section of Website!

Check out the new Video section of Your Military Story.  I will be adding many more in the future. If you see any videos on others websites like YouTube that should be here, let me know.

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