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How is it the end of November already?

Oh my.  Somehow October got away from me, and now here we are past Thanksgiving.  Mentally, I look at life in chunks.  I use landmarks on my calendar to let me know how things are going and what I should have completed.  As a teacher, this really works for me.

I always think of the breaks or time we have off as these celestial periods of bliss where I will get all cleaning finished,  every nook and cranny organized, I will spend time with every family member and friend that I have…


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A World War II Thanksgiving

I wish all readers a wonderful, safe and Happy Thanksgiving!  The military is full of inspiring stories, especially those that take place during the holidays.  It seems that throughout history soldiers, Marines, airmen and seamen have found ways to make the holidays special, whether overseas or at home, in a combat area or a…


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Did military bearing stick with you?

The day before my school's Veterans Day program, my classroom aide and I were talking to a class about the military. We were talking about military bearing and telling them what they might see when our veterans visit the next day.

My aide and friend, whose husband spent a few years in the Army, proceeded to point out item after item about me. All of it related to how I still have "military bearing".

She mentioned how I talked and moved are always deliberate. I stood a… Continue

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President's military service

I can only hope for it. Sadly, more and more of the population will be without any military service. What are we now? 5-10%. I believe that serving teaches you so many things that are lacking in the general population. Teamwork,deprivation,common sense..Oh well, we still have each other!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Best List of Veterans Day Freebies and Discounts

Member Ken Bonnell sent this to me from an email he received.   I cannot give credit to the original compiler because it does not say.  Hope you can enjoy a few of these Veterans Day benefits this weekend and throughout the year!





Veterans Eat Free. Olive Garden Restaurants offer a free meal (with…


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Happy Election Day- Which Presidents Served in the Military

Note:  Part of this is a reprint of a previous blog post.

Election Day 2012 is finally here.  If you served in the military, THANK YOU.  It was/is your sacrifice and service that allow millions of Americans to vote today!

Living in THE battleground state of Ohio, I am sick of TV and radio commercials, slick flyers in my mailbox and the countless visits to…


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