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Baby, It's Cold Outside! Military Stories about Weather?

Here in Ohio the weather has been much less than desirable.  It has rained or drizzled for pretty much three days and nights straight.  Tonight we had our first snow, and while there is no accumulation yet, there is supposed to be an inch by morning.  Selfishly, I don't mind the snow because I am a teacher, and now and then we get a glorious reprieve from coaching the young ones.  But this cold wind and rain downright…


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New Food items coming in MREs- what did you eat?

I just read an article in the Army Times about new items the Department of Defense is adding in the MREs- the Meals Ready to Eat.  The new delicacies include Skittles, Au Grain potatoes, Asian pepper steak fry, a Banana nut Ranger bar, and Asian pepper steak fry.  Yummy.

MREs have been around a long while as the grandchild of C-rations, feeding soldiers on deployment, in the combat zone and during training when a hot meal is not available.  I remember most of us groaning when…


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Create a group and connect with others

Did you know you can create a group on the Your Military Story website?

A Group is a collection of website members who have something in common. Here are some examples of how you could form a group today:

1. By members in the same branch (infantry, submariners, mortar men, medical).

2. By members who trained or…


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