Baby, It's Cold Outside! Military Stories about Weather?

Here in Ohio the weather has been much less than desirable.  It has rained or drizzled for pretty much three days and nights straight.  Tonight we had our first snow, and while there is no accumulation yet, there is supposed to be an inch by morning.  Selfishly, I don't mind the snow because I am a teacher, and now and then we get a glorious reprieve from coaching the young ones.  But this cold wind and rain downright stink!


Back to reality.  I have to remember our servicemen and women out there standing guard in the cold, the rain, the heat and every other condition Mother Nature can conjure up on this planet.  And many of you endured much worse.  So I will stop whining now.


This did get me to think about a new topic for stories- weather.  While in the service, were you stuck in a flood? A blizzard? A sandstorm?  Were you on a ship or submarine when the waters got rocky?  Did you experience heat hot enough to fry bacon?  You get the idea.  While you can reply below, more people will see what you write if you put a story in the forum.  It's easy. Just click here.



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