Barriades or not, we are seeing the Memorials

I love the news stories about veterans breaking down the barricades at the memorials in Washington, D.C.. Two days before the barricades went up, I was in DC on an Honor Flight.  That was a Saturday and there was no sign of the trouble that would come that Monday.  

This is not a political website or blog, BUT THE POLITICS IN WASHINGTON D.C. RIGHT NOW ARE A DISGRACE.  It infuriates me, as I know it does you.  We have to vote them out, call them, pester them, write them and let them know that places like the Korean War Memorial must stay open to all, no matter what.  By the way, most of those places are run by volunteers NOT federal park ranger employees, so why are we closing them other than to tick the public off and show us who thinks their boss??

And my guess is if the word went out to the public that we needed volunteers to take turns keeping the parks and memorials open and safe there would be a sign up line like outside a recruiting office on December 8, 1941. I'll be first in line.

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