Did you know you can create a group on the Your Military Story website?

A Group is a collection of website members who have something in common. Here are some examples of how you could form a group today:

1. By members in the same branch (infantry, submariners, mortar men, medical).
2. By members who trained or served in the same place or aboard the same ship  (Fort Sill, Paris Island, Korea, Cambodia, USS Independence)

3. By members in the same unit (101st Airborne, 1st Marine Division, 179th Airlift Squadron)

4.  By military supporters or family members (Army wives, Navy moms, patriotic Americans)

5.  By members who served in the same war or conflict or time period.


What else can you think of?

Once you form a group, you can invite people you know to join, including other Your Military Story website members.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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