It is hard to believe it is November already.  Being a school teacher, my fall is a whirlwind of new students, setting expectations and much more.  Pretty soon we will all be giving thanks and eating turkey.

Before Thanksgiving though, it is time to give thanks to YOU.  Those of you who wore the uniform. thank you on this Veterans Day.  Thank you for enlisting or or succumbing to a draft.  Thank you for leaving your families and life behind to go to an uncertain world of training and discipline.  Thank you for learning a trade in the military that either directly saved lives or supported those who did.  Thank you for serving stateside and overseas, for fighting the enemy or making sure the ones who did had trucks that ran, food in their stomachs, bullets in their rifles and that they could fly or sail from one place to another safely.  Thank you all for defending our freedoms.

And to you loved ones, thank you for your support of these men and women during their service and after, because we all know how crucial you were and are to their morale and well-being.

This past Friday my little middle school hosted 43 veterans of all ages for a breakfast and Veterans Day assembly.  I will never tire of seeing veterans and students interact.  After a nice program, students got the chance to interact with the veterans and ask questions.  Cost of the stuff I bought at Wal-Mart for the breakfast- $60.00.  Cost of the ingredients for the home ec teacher to make us cinnamon rolls, $35.00. Getting veterans and kids together- PRICELESS.

More than ever restaurants and businesses are giving away free meals and other goodies today.  Check out this list  on the American Legion's website.  If you live near a Krispy Kreme, be sure to get your free donut.

So what does Veterans Day mean to you?  Would love to have you reply below.

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Comment by Jeff Wenum on January 19, 2014 at 7:00pm

Veteran's Day- NEVER EVER forget the sacrifices. Pass on the message to others. Semper Fi.

Comment by Geoff Colt on November 11, 2013 at 8:29pm

It's like I told a Reporter today.

It was a Soldier

Not a Reporter

That gave us Freedom of the Press,

It was a Solder

Not a Poet

That gave us Freedom of Speech.

It was a Soldier

Not a Campus Organizer

That gave us the Freedom to Protest.

It was a Soldier

Who Served the Flag,

Saluted the Flag, and

Who's Coffin is Covered by the Flag,

That gave the Right to burn the Flag.

It was a Soldier

Not a Politician,

Who gave his Body,

Blood, and Life,

So we could all enjoy these Freedoms!

If there was ever to be a Hero,

Then it HAS to be a Soldier!!!

Comment by Jerry Wheeler on November 11, 2013 at 8:16am

I think a lot of my dad who served in Vietnam. He passed a couple of months ago due to cancer from agent orange. I reflect on my service and all those who served before me and continue to serve today. Thank you everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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