In Honor of Valentines Day, I researched some military "love" (or at least romance) stories.  By the way, you can read the REAL story behind the photo at the left by clicking here.

There are countless stories out there of men and women meeting their significant other while in the military, often getting "hitched" just before leaving for duty.  This actually happened to me, and you can read my story here.  Other stories talk about the correspondence shared back and forth with letters written on ships or in foxholes. Still others tell sad tales of the loved ones who didn't come home alive.

Here are some touching stories for you this Valentines Day Week.  Be sure to share your story in the comments below!

The real story behind the sailor kissing the nurse in Times Square (photo above)

Mystery surrounds missing World War II love letters

Wounded Korean War veteran followed his heart (from Reminisce magazine)

Romance blossomed during World War II

The pictures say it all here in this REAL modern true love story....

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Comment by Jeff Wenum on June 2, 2013 at 6:16pm

My dad was in N.Y.City on V-E day on shore patrol duty... My mom,was nearby, so he wouldn't comment om how many times he got kissed.

Comment by Jeff Wenum on February 16, 2013 at 4:29am

Claudia--- my dad was U.S. Navy and was on shore patrol in N.Y.C. at the time of Germany's surrender. I once asked him what it was like and he kinda blushed and said " it was exactly like the picture." Guess it was before he married my mom!!

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