Two months ago, I was returning from an RV trip out east, when I saw a sign for the National D Day Memorial. It seems to me that it was about 30 miles off I-81. (Bedford is east of Roanoke and half way to Lynchburg.) Anyway, the previous month I spent an entire week on Normandy Beach visiting all the museums there, and I recalled reading that the small town of Bedford had lost more young men per capita during Operation Overlord than any other town in the US. I expected to see a nice monument to honor these men, but I wasn't prepared for the immensity of the place and all the plaques and statues it contained. It's absolutely extraordinary!!!  Check out the text and photos at  You can drive there in a day from Columbus. And it is worth the trip!  It seems that few people have heard of it, even veterans. It's truly wonderful and not one penny of it was funded by US taxpayers.  I encourage you to check it out on-line or in person.

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