On this 70th anniversary of D-Day, I have put together some websites that really should be seen.

When I hear D-Day I get the visuals, sounds and emotions of beaches, blood and chaos. what those men went through is unbelievable to me.  To have to get out of a landing craft into the sheer hell of bullets whizzing by and buddies slumping over in the water amazes me.  I think of the move Saving Private Ryan, arguably this generation's best attempt of portraying what D-Day was really like.  

Here is a great collection of information, pictures and video of the historic day.

Normandy, France, Then and Now.  Shows many pictures from D-Day, and then those some sites today 

Rare color video footage of D-Day.

Oral histories of those who were there- Navy.

Marion C. Gray's story, Combat Medic, U.S. Army WW II, Omaha Beach – D Day, courtesy of Motts Military Museum

National D-Day Museum  in New Orleans.  Tons of information, photos and more.


Ten Little Known Facts About D-Day

Ten Fascinating Facts on the History of D-Day


God Bless all those World War II veterans who endured pr sacrificed on D-Day.

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