When 10 degrees seems warm outside- What are your military memories of being COLD??

Holy cow, it's been cold and snowy here in central Ohio. If you are in Minnesota or another snowy area, bear with me. We are not used to this arctic weather, at least so much for sooo long.
We received another three inches of snow today, and tomorrow morning the temperature without the wind is supposed to be ZERO. This crazy cold number has become actually ho-hum in conversations here.
Now, in my eleven years in the military the coldest I ever was thankfully was like 20 degrees in Texas (and got to run two mies for a PT test in it). That is not counting other times in Ohio on drill weekends. Standing in formations stock still while shivering was not fun, neither was getting into a freezing humvee with unforgiving icy metal while clothed in an Army coat that didn't do the job.
I know some of you experienced horrendous cold here in the states, overseas, during training and in combat. Maybe you were on patrol, guard duty, in a cockpit, on a ship deck or a foxhole. I'd love to hear your COLD memories! Share below, or start your own discussion.

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Comment by Jeff Wenum on April 29, 2014 at 6:22pm

ad'sClaudia (and the rest).. To go on further on 'cold weather'. I can remember wearing my dad's 'deck coat' on the way to school. Horsehide on the inside and canvas on the outside. Unzipped halfway down to keep cool. He said said it was worn on the deck of aircraft carriers in cold weather!! Yes, had to be..

Comment by Claudia Bartow on March 31, 2014 at 10:16pm

Jeff, good reminder about our Korean War veterans...I was at Honor Flight training the other night and the guy in charge was telling the story about KW vets he talked to who were there.  The absolute horror of war and fighting for your life, and the temperature you are in was -20!  Unbelievable.

Comment by Jeff Wenum on March 9, 2014 at 7:31pm

A guy I worked with,years ago, was in the Coast Guard on the Murmansk supply runs and talked about 15-min. stints outside levering huge chunks of ice of the sides of his destroyer to keep it from capsizing. THAT has to be very cold. And, being a Marine, the story of the Chosin Reservoir always comes to mind. The cold weather gear back in the 50's couldn't have been all that good.Lots of guys with frozen toes,etc.

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