YOUR Military Story- Did you get into your first choice branch of service?

Note:  This is part of series to help ALL who served and their families to reminisce, remember and record memories and stories of your military service.

I joined the Army National Guard because two recruiters came to my high school during my senior year, waved a brochure in front of my face that said they'd pay 60% of my college tuition, and rolled a few cool-looking olive drab pieces of equipment onto the front lawn of Lancaster High School.  OK, maybe the recruiters didn't actually wave the brochure in my face, but it got my attention enough to sign enlistment papers a few weeks later.

Why the Army National Guard though?  That I can remember, no other branch of the military came to my high school, or came when I was in the frame of mind to commit anyway.

I have heard stories of others who went to a certain branch because medical issues stopped them from going into other ones.  Or they were going to go to the Army, Navy, Marines-one of them- but a friend, neighbor, relative, triple-dog-dare put them in another branch.

So did you get into the branch of service that was your first choice or did you end up in another branch for some other reason?

Do tell.

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