YOUR MILITARY STORY-When and where was your Boot Camp?

Note: This is part of series to help ALL who served and their families to reminisce, remember and record memories and stories of your military service. Be sure to check out all the other posts and comment in the white space below each post!

Jackson.  Lackland.  Great Lakes.  Camp LeJeune.  If you were an enlisted person in the military you went somewhere for boot camp, Basic Training, Initial Entry training, whatever you want to call it. This is where you learned to march, shoot, get up early, exercise A LOT, and that you were no longer in charge.  This is quite possible my favorite topic of all topics in the military.  Why?  Because Boot Camp inherently lends itself to some of the funniest, oddest and most bizarre occurrences in one's military career.

I attended Army Basic Training in the blazing heat of July-September 1993 (how can it be that long ago???) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. This is near the capital city of Columbia.  

We will explore many other boot camp topics in the coming weeks, but for right now:

When and where was your boot camp?  What major city was this near? Don't forget to say what branch of service this was for!

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