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At 12:25pm on November 23, 2012, Robert Arnold Longbottom said…

The gray haired geezer in the middle.  The one that went to the rifle range with Jeff Wenum to shoot the M1a / M14.  The one on the left is Brigadier General Frederick Padilla and the one on the right is Sgt Major Andrew Yagle.

At 12:43am on November 13, 2012, Ray Boyden said…

Thank you for the welcome, Claudia. I was inspired to join your org because of an article I read about my uncle, Bob Kramer. I have always known about his harrowing experiences during captivity but had never seen them in print until now. I am very proud of Uncle Bob and hope his story is an example of grace under duress to others, especially young people.


I am sorry about your BIL. Although I did not know him personally, I did have occasion to meet him some time ago in Lancaster. He was a squared away guy. I am from Perry Co. and my brother and his wife were the owners of Pirom's Inc in Lancaster. Paul is already gone but his wife still runs the company.

At 7:17am on October 29, 2012, Lawrence W French said…
I have seen the story of the death of your Brother in law in the Col. Ohio news. Everyone had great things to say about him,
At 10:49pm on August 22, 2012, Jack said…

Claudia: I am sorry about the blog about someone that did not understand the term of R&R program. Well I am well familiary with this program I was Petty Officer in Charge of the R&R program in I Corps in Viet Nam. I had a staff of three people plus one I had over at the airport, which took me 4 mos. to find out and I got his butt back to Tien Sha was I need working people. First of all first I had a couple of obstacles that we had over come. First no desks, chairs, no typewriters, well be an old comshaw expert I had everything in hand plus a jeep assigned to my office. My boss was a Col. down and Saigon however that is another story. Well we got the office running and about three weeks into operation and I saw the door to the tent open because I did not have a regular office because the OIC of Tien Sha I didn't belong to him so no office. Well anyhow as I look up and said "could I help you because he was wearing civilian clothes. After my second look I S    what the hell are doing here. It was Mr. Logan of NIS Office and he handed me bunch of papers and I took a look at them and they was receipts for all the office equipment that they took and ship them back to San Francisco.I really understand what the story was about and then he proceeded to tell me the PO in Charge that was running the himself made over $50,000.00 by selling R&R to our sailors in I Corps. I just about had a heart attack. I have Logan prior to this time because first time I met him in NATTC Mfs and GTMO.

Now back to the RR program this gentlemen did not understand. As you can figure it we had to start from scratch so rolled up our sleeves and I inform them we was going to send at least 8,000 sailors on RR before I left, because I set as my go.So I started riding boats up and down all those small rivers talking to sailors and have them fill out requests for RR. We had RR sites in Thailand, Japan, Phillipines, Hawaii (which majorty of the married people requesed for) Kula Lumpur, Australia,I sent my second class E-5 to visist all these sits to see they were adquate and he really enjoyed. I saw in him two weeks. We had review all request and this when the problems started. As you know you cannot keep everone happy, I did know this at time so I was talking to the Col. if I could request more civilian planes so I could get everyone happy. Thanks to the Col. who to me they had money to burn. I said good, give me a least ten planes, I broken them down to the different sites.

So that was the out of country sites. We also had a in-countryRR sites along the beaches on Viet Nam and they was for 3 days every 5 months. I never had a assignment like this in my life but my satisfaction was seeing those sailors standing out side the office to pick up the RR orders. No I did take an RR because I did have time.

Jack Butler



At 6:11am on August 6, 2012, Mike Areno said…

Thank you....

At 7:31am on July 29, 2012, Gary Lee Wimer said…

Not yet, just getting started with this wonderful addition to my life.

At 8:29pm on July 28, 2012, Gary Lee Wimer said…

Thank you, I received your card at Mott's Military Museum in Groveport Ohio

At 1:34am on April 16, 2012, Ricardo Jacques said…

During Vietnam a great number of Canadians did service in the United States military.

At a time when it was illegal in Canada to do service in the USA.

Lance Corporal Randall Kenneth Campbell USMC was from Montreal Canada. 

Here where he buried; 

Woodlawn National Cemetery
Elmira Chemung County New York, USA

In 1965, we were both in the same Recon Platoon.

At K-Bay Hawaii and our recon platoon commander.

Was 1st Lt. Frank Stanley Reasoner USMC Medal of Honor posthumously. 

On the night of April 25, 1965, besides Randy being killed.

Private First Class Carl Richard Wenzel UMC was also killed.

Both were members of recon team.

I'm feeling sad that Randy couldn't be buried in the land of his birth.

At 1:12am on April 16, 2012, Ricardo Jacques said…

To James Sergent of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Sir, I can't begin to picture, how difficult a duty it was picking up the bodies.

Of other Canadians, but there's a DVD out titled 'Taking Chance'.

It's about a US Marine Corps causality assistance officer.

Some families might request a buddy or friend to bring the body home.

In this case that Marine officer decided that he would escort the body.

Of Marine from  his hometown.

Let back a bit, in that DVD, there's part of Dover and what they do to prepare the body.

For presentation, sometimes a member of the military might have to wait.

Among those waiting was an Army soldier, who task was to escort his own brother. 

Now I will relate of a story, my dear mother told me after I had came back from Vietnam the second time.

One day, my step-father and my mother were washing windows. 

She was upstairs, when a Marine car pull up and two Marines in Dress Blues.

Exit that car, she started scream, because she thought they were coming to tell her that I had been killed in Vietnam.

They went next door to inform that family that their son had be wounded in Vietnam.

After she told me that story, I never had the heart to tell how close I had came to getting killed in 1965.

If that bullet that cracked by my ear had been a few inches closer...

Your duty was a difficult one and some might not know how much it's hurting you.

Semper Fidelis


At 9:14pm on April 15, 2012, James Sargent said…

It's called a Glengarry... and I served in the Royal Canadian Airforce...

My good friend... an Army Chaplan, asked me to meet the plane in Trenton... on which he had sent the bodies of 6 Canadians killed in Afganistan... a very cold and sad day!



At 10:34pm on April 5, 2012, Ricardo Jacques said…

Roger on your last trans...

Maybe the VA should make one for Iraq and Afghanistan.

So some will understand that they are not alone.

Semper Fidelis


At 10:31pm on April 5, 2012, Ricardo Jacques said…

It should have said 'don't show'; wounds of the mind if not the soul.

Semper Fidelis


At 10:11pm on April 5, 2012, Ricardo Jacques said…

Thanks for your comment.

I believe that we (veterans of Vietnam).

Should share what took place.

After our service.


A lot of these new veterans will be doing what we did.

Some will seek answers in a bottle.

Been there done that.

It took filling out a military history of my service in Vietnam.

To realize what happened, I had no control.

Below is a link to my military history;

And to urge these new veterans to seek medical aid.

For these wounds that show aka Post Traumatic Stress.

The military is dropping Disorder, in hope that more will seek aid.

Maybe that is WHY, I survived Vietnam, all seventeen months.

Semper Fidelis

Ricardo (Richard) Jacques

Former Staff Sergeant of Marines

At 7:34pm on March 6, 2012, Jerry Wheeler said…

Nope. We just tried to have as much fun as possible.

At 3:33pm on February 26, 2012, Jerry Wheeler said…

Thank you and i am also glad that i found it. I will post a quick story about my career later.


At 11:12am on January 21, 2012, Robert Foster said…

This is a great way to keep the military spirit alive in all of us. As always you are doing an outstanding job.I am old school and would reather carry a clipboard than a laptop and depended on young people like youself to keep me in the know.Thanks and carry on. How is your other First Sargent doing?Tell him I said  Hi


At 2:42pm on January 16, 2012, Eugene Patrick Meechan said…

Thank you.I  worked these gun mounts in the navy


At 9:56am on January 13, 2012, SFC Curt"Bruno"Masten said…

Claudia, I'm hurt, The enemy? You do realize that the 8 weeks of Hell you went through in Basic Training, I (and others) went through it for three years!  And the Drills didn't have to put up with the Privates so much as the Officers! (My medical records showed that I was allergic to Officers.)  Also, different note, I notice you are from Ohio?  My home town is Fairborn, Wright-Patt AFB.

At 11:43pm on January 3, 2012, Eugene Patrick Meechan said…

Iam a life member of the VFW in Marysville and on the Union County Honor guard.

At 11:40pm on January 3, 2012, Eugene Patrick Meechan said…

Thank you again Iam proud of my service but not to happy with the VA system right now.Lots of problems their.

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